I designed these invitations a few months ago for a friend at work who was hosting a lingerie party for a friend. Sweet, Fun, and Simple, featuring hand-drawn illustration. This was a completely custom invitation. Contact us if you're interested in this one, or creating a custom invite for your next soiree!


Amy Wells said...

Jess!! You're work is AMAZING!! I absolutely love it!! I love the Rosemary Beach one..... :)

Jessica Clark did all of our Save the Dates, Programs, Invites - Y'all seriously need to start a business together!

You're SOOO creative! I love it! It's truly a gift.

Empress Stationery said...

I didn't know she was doing invites and stuff...I need to call her, we haven't had a good chat in a while...And you need to call me!! So glad you like the blog! I thought you'd like the Rosemary Beach one.

Brittany said...

Hey Jessica - I LOVE these! I'm so glad I got to see you guys at the workshop Thursday! I'm pretty new to the blog world but had no idea we were doing some of the same stuff! We should definitely do lunch soon. Call me! Also I'm totally going to do an Empress blog feature soon!